1. This tumblr certainly isn’t killing our vibe. Love it! 

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  2. …Our bad. 

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  3. centifolias:


    But Lorde! You’re only 16

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  4. Can you guess which purrr-fect Drake lyrics these belong to? 

  5. thatzak:

    Rap and cereal. My two favorite things.

    We want to try the Jigga Jacks… 

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  6. Do you ever wonder why…

    'N Sync will be reuniting at the 2013 MTV VMAs! (At least, that’s what the rumors say…)

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  10. What’s the next line of lyrics that comes up in Selena Gomez’s “Slow Down”? Memorize the words here… 

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  11. We’ve crashed Luke Bryan’s party and premiered the lyrics to his new album… 

  12. Can Avril Lavigne still call herself “Rock N Roll" even with her pop makeover? You be the judge…

  14. Do Lady Gaga’s new lyrics make you feel like giving her a round of “Applause”?

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